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Thai Keyboard version 1.1


Thai keyboard

is a free service from Forum Thailand
Do You have a homepage of your own? -Make sure that You and your visitors always have easy access to the Thai Keyboard using the graphics below. Give me the code!

Thai keyboard
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Here is how the virtual keyboard works
Compose your thai word by clicking keys on the keyboard shown above. What you write is shown in the text box above the keyboard. There is typically two letters on each key. You will get the upper letter if you first click the shift key. The SHIFT key will then be indicated by a green spot. The SHIFT key is now valid for one single letter only. If you click the CAPS-key a red spot will appear on the key and you will now get the upper letters until you click the CAPS-key again.
When you are finished writing your text, select it, copy it and paste in into your word processor program or any program of your choise.
Thai Keyboard version 1.1 is a free service from Forum Thailand